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Quality Assurance Guidelines for APRNs

APRNs with prescriptive authority must have in place a written quality assurance plan by which patient care is evaluated and quality is maintained by the APRN.

Plan must:

  • Be specific to practice area
  • Be signed, dated and reviewed annually by APRN and collaborating physician/physicians
  • Include written plan for corrective action, if indicated and follow-up
  • Include evidence of compliance to be available to the ASBN upon request

Examples of Quality Assurance measures (not an inclusive list – you may have other measures)

  •  Retrospective chart review
  • Concurrent with case management
  • Review of practice where patient problems are suspected or have been identified
  • Audit of specific types of medical problems/conditions
  • Reflective practice – includes a self-assessment and peer feed-back from a peer who has a similar role/practice – peer must ID 3 things the APRN does well and 3 things that could enhance the APRN’s practice
  • Patient interview (consumer satisfaction)

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