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Prescriptive Authority: DEA Registration Instructions

An advanced practice registered nurse with prescriptive authority must obtain a DEA registration number to prescribe controlled substances (schedule III,IV &V only).

A. APRNs holding a certificate of prescriptive authority may contact the New Orleans office of the DEA to receive an application for a DEA registration number. Do not apply for the DEA registration prior to being issued Prescriptive Authority.  The toll free phone numbers are: 888/514-7302 or 888/514-8051.  The DEA now has forms on-line for registration of advanced practice nurses.  The application form can be found on the web at the Diversion Control Program web site: www.DEAdiversion.usdoj.gov. At the website, select “ New Registration Applications."  The form is available in PDF format.  It is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the form.  There are two versions of the form available:    

(1) An on-line form.  This version allows the user to complete the form on-line and submit.  It is much quicker. The form can then be signed and mailed to the DEA.  You must have a credit card to pay the fee.

(2) A paper form can be requested. Call the above number and request form to be mailed to you.

Common questions concerned controlled substance applications are answered in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the web site, or applicants can contact the Registration Call Center at 800-882-9539.

B. When completing the DEA registration application you should:

  1. Enter your advanced practice license number (not your certificate of prescriptive authority number).  You do not have a state controlled substance number.
  2. Indicate that you may prescribe, administer, dispense or procure schedule III, IV and V narcotic and non­narcotic substances.

C. The ASBN Rules require that you send a copy of your DEA number for your file.  Please send the copy by fax to 501/686-2714 (please rewrite number if it is not legible) or by mail to:

Arkansas State Board of Nursing
1123 S. University, Suite 800
Little Rock, AR 72204

The Pharmacy Services of the Arkansas Department of Health is responsible for enforcing the Controlled Substances Act. A copy of the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Controlled Substances and the List of Controlled Substances for the State of Arkansas may be obtained by phone, (501) 661-2325, or mail:

Arkansas Dept. of Health Pharmacy Services
4815 West Markham, Slot 25
Little Rock, AR 72205

Prescriptive authority may be terminated by the Board of Nursing for failure to maintain current active APRN licensure or violation of any state or federal law or regulation applicable to prescriptions.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  Pharmacists may contact us to verify prescriptive authority or for any other information related to the new law and regulations.

Arkansas State Board of Nursing
University Tower Bldg.
1123 South University
Suite 800
Little Rock, AR 72204-1619
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