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Position Statement 94-1 Moderate Sedation for Public Comment - with markup.pdf

Position Statement 94-1 Moderate Sedation for Public Comment without markup.pdf

Board position statements do not have the force of law, but are a means of providing direction for nurses on issues of concern to the Board relevant to protection of the public. Each position statement is meant to provide guidance in the context of the totality of the defined situation. Board position statements are reviewed periodically for relevance and accuracy to current practice and consistency with the Nurse Practice Act and Rules. The ideal objective would be for the nurse to utilize the Decision Making Model presented in Position Statement 98-6.

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing in 2009, issued Position Statement 94-1, Administration of IV Moderate Sedation by the Registered Nurse. Consistent with state law, the attending physician or a qualified provider must order the drugs, dosages, and concentrations of medications to be administered to the patient. Qualified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists best provide optimal anesthesia care. However, the Board recognizes that the demand in the practice setting necessitates non‐CRNA RNs to assist in the administration of anesthetic agents or neuromuscular blocking (paralytic) agents in specific circumstances. The RN shall have the educational preparation and clinical competence to administer anesthetic agents or neuromuscular blocking (paralytic) agents to assist in moderate sedation, RSI, therapeutic, or diagnostic procedures. The revised position statement on Moderate Sedation is presented for comment to continue to place patient safety as paramount and to address the expanding role of the registered nurse in today’s health care environment.

Send your comments by April 21, 2017 to Mary Trentham at mtrentham@arsbn.org or mail them to Mary Trentham, Arkansas State Board of Nursing, 1123 S. University Suite 800, Little Rock, AR 72204.

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