Did You Know?

  • Nurses that had a current Arkansas multistate license prior to eNLC effective date will be grandfathered into the eNLC and no further action is needed on their part unless they change primary state of residence.
  • Each nurse determines their home state or primary state of residence. Home state or primary state of residence, as defined in the compact, means “the person’s fixed permanent and principal home for legal purposes; domicile.” Proof of primary state of residence may be requested by the Board. Sources of proof include, but are not limited to, driver’s license, voter registration card or federal tax return.
  • Nurses in the original NLC states that are grandfathered into the eNLC will be able to practice in eNLC states as of the implementation date, January 19, 2018.
  • Nurses in new states that joined the eNLC (Wyoming, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Georgia and Florida) will be able to practice in eNLC states upon issuance of a multistate license.
  • Nurses must follow the laws and regulations of the state in which nursing practice occurs. In the case of electronic practice (telenursing), nurses must adhere to the practice standards of the state in which the client is located.
  • All new nurses declaring Arkansas as their primary state of residence will need to meet the eNLC Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULR’s), refer to Uniform Licensure Requirements for a Multistate License A nurse that does not qualify for the multistate license may still be issued a single state license.
  •  If an Arkansas nurse that was grandfathered into the eNLC moves to another state that is a member of the eNLC, the nurse will need to meet the URLs in the new primary state of residence.
  • The states that are a part of the eNLC are not the same as in the original NLC, refer to Map of Participating StatesNurses that have an eNLC multistate license, practice can only occur in those designated eNLC states.
  • Nurses that are issued a multistate license that need to practice nursing in a state that is not a member of the eNLC ( including New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin and Rhode Island that were in the original NLC but haven’t joined the eNLC yet) will need a single state license issued from that respective state.
  • Nurses that are issued an Arkansas single state license that want to practice nursing physically, electronically or telephonically in ANY other state will need to obtain a license from each respective state(s).
  • Just because a nurse is licensed in an eNLC state, it does not mean that a multistate license was issued. The nurse may just have a single state license. The status of a nursing license can be verified at for participating states, at www.nursys.com. If the original state of nurse licensure is not a Nursys® participant, contact the original state licensing board.
  • Military personnel are governed by federal laws and regulations. The Nurse Licensure Compact does not supersede that law. Federal government employers usually accept a nursing license from any state. Nurses that choose to work outside a federal facility must hold a license in the state in which nursing practice occurs.

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