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ENDORSEMENT: Welcome to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN) online application system. Please read the instructions and provide all required documentation. Additional instructions are located within the online system as you progress through the application process. Please read endorsement information and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the application link.  ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

ENDORSEMENT is the process of obtaining a nursing license in a U.S. jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction of original licensure.

Who Is Eligible For Endorsement?

  • RN and LPN graduates of state Board approved schools of nursing who have passed the NCLEX, provided they are otherwise qualified.
  • Persons who have completed a portion of an RN education program and hold LPN licensure in other jurisdictions, provided they are otherwise qualified.
  • RN examination failures: Graduates of Board-approved RN programs holding LPN licensure by examination in other jurisdictions. Provided they are otherwise qualified.
  • Canadian Registered Nurses licensed by NLN State Board Test Pool Examination in the following provinces during the years indicated: Alberta, 1952-1970; British Columbia, 1949-1970; Manitoba, 1955-1970; Newfoundland, 1961-1970; Nova Scotia, 1955-1970; Prince Edward Island, 1956-1970; Quebec (English language), 1959-1970; Saskatchewan, 1956-1970, provided they are otherwise qualified.
  • LPTN endorsement applicants from California and Kansas only, provided they are otherwise qualified.
  • Internationally educated nurses who have graduated from a nursing program in which the curriculum is "substantially similar" to Arkansas nursing programs, have licensure or proof of eligibility for licensure in the country of graduation, and can write, speak, and understand English as evidenced by Certification from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). (exception for English speaking countries, e.g. Canada, Austrailia, England)


The ASBN may deny licensure to candidates who have had a license revoked, suspended, or placed on probation and not reinstated in other jurisdictions. The ASBN may also deny licensure to candidates who have been convicted of a crime.

Application for Endorsement Information

  1. Complete the online application by accessing the link at the bottom of the page. Instructions for completion of the application are displayed as you progress through the online system.
  2. Payment of associated fees may be made by credit card and paid for within the online process prior to submission of the application. Print a copy of the payment page (Payment Summary) for your records. IMPORTANT: You will also need the INA Search ID number that is located on the Payment Summary to include on your fingerprint card. Print the INA Search ID number in the upper right hand corner of the fingerprint card in the box marked "FBI Leave Blank."
  3. A valid United States social security number is required for individuals applying for licensure.
  4. A physical and mailing address must be provided for purposes of communication. Arkansas is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). Individuals applying for licensure must live in Arkansas, a non-compact state, or country outside the United States to complete this application process. For a listing of compact states and more information on the NLC, go to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website at www.ncsbn.org. Click on the NLC link.
  5. A valid email address is required. You will receive an ASBN Automatic Acknowledgement of Online Application email and an Arkansas GovPay Receipt email after submission of your application.
  6. You may check the status of your application by accessing the Check Status of Application Link at the bottom of the page.
  7. Internationally educated nurses are applicants who graduated from a nursing education program of study outside the United States. You will submit a request to one of the Board approved credentialing agency evaluators and have a complete course-by-course education verification professional report conducted on you and have them submit an official report to the Board. You may click here to access the International Graduate Application Checklist that includes approved agencies and additional application information.

License Verification Information

Endorsement applicants are required to submit license verification to ASBN. If you were originally licensed in one of the states listed on the NURSYS website, www.nursys.com, you must obtain verification via submitting a verification request online through NURSYS. Access www.nursys.com to submit a verification request.If you were originally licensed in a state that is not listed on the NURSYS website, you must obtain verification via printing the ASBN Verification Form and mailing the form to the licensing agency in the state where you were originally licensed. Please include your full name, current address and original license number so that your records can be readily located. The licensing agency will complete the ASBN Verification Form and return it directly to this office. Some states charge a fee for this service. To access the ASBN Verification Form (only for use by applicants who were originally licensed in a state that is not listed on the NURSYS site above), click here  

Verification of Employment

In accordance with the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Rules, a nurse who is an applicant for licensure by endorsement who has not been engaged in the active practice of nursing for a period greater than five (5) years shall document completion of the following:a. Active practice of nursing for a minimum of one thousand hours (1,000) within the one year immediately prior to application. Verification of employment shall be submitted;  Completion of an Arkansas approved refresher course within one (1) year of the date of application; Graduation from an approved nursing education program within one year of the date of application; Provide other evidence as requested by the Board.

Active Practice is defined as the act of performing for compensation those acts within specified scope of practice and authorized by the Board. Click Here for the Verification of Employment Form. Click here for Refresher Course Information - Refresher Course 

Criminal Background Check Information

  1. Arkansas law requires applicants for licensure to submit to criminal background checks. If an applicant has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to or found guilty of any offense listed in ACA §17-87-312, he/she is not eligible for Arkansas licensure. (ACA §17-87-312 provides the applicant an opportunity to request a waiver of eligibility criteria related to a criminal background in certain circumstances.
  2. Fees associated with conduction of the state and federal criminal background checks are at the applicant's expense and are paid within the online application process.
  3. A state and federal criminal background check is required to complete your application if you do not already have them on file with ASBN within the last 12 months of the application. Background checks from other agencies will not be accepted.
  4. The state criminal background check information is obtained within the online application process; no additional form for conduction of the state criminal background check is completed or submitted.
  5. The federal criminal background check requires completion of a fingerprint card and submission of the card to the Arkansas State Police. You must use the fingerprint card provided by ASBN. You will be able to request a fingerprint card within the online application process and submit to the Arkansas State Police Department. You must complete the fingerprint card according to instructions. To access FBI and Arkansas Criminal Background Check Instructions, click here
  6. IMPORTANT: Upon payment completion you will receive an INA Search ID located on your payment receipt (Payment Summary). Write the INA Search ID number in the designated area on the fingerprint card before mailing the card to the Arkansas State Police. If you do not print the INA Search ID number on the fingerprint card, it is likely that your fingerprints will not be processed. Print the INA Search ID number in the upper right hand corner of the fingerprint card in the box marked "FBI Leave Blank."
  7. The completed fingerprint card, with INA Search ID written on card, should be mailed to
    Arkansas State Police Criminal Background Check
    One State Police Plaza Drive
    Little Rock, AR 72209 
  8. If you respond "yes" to any of the five questions on the endorsement application or if you have a positive criminal background check(s), you will not receive a temporary permit until you have been cleared by the ASBN staff or review of your case is complete. You must submit a letter of explanation and a certified copy (no faxed copies) of all pertinent records (court, military, treatment, etc.) to ASBN. Print the cover sheet located within the online system. Attach it to the documents that you submit or have submitted on your behalf to ASBN. The cover sheet with attached documents should be sent to:Arkansas State Board of Nursing, Attn: Education Department,1123 S. University Ave., Suite 800, Little Rock, AR 72204
  9. For additional information you may access the Criminal Background Information and Frequently Asked Questions that are located on our website. Click on the Licensing tab and this information is in the left column.

Temporary Permit Information

  1. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing may issue a temporary permit to a qualified applicant who holds a current license from another jurisdiction. This permit allows the applicant to practice nursing while awaiting endorsement.
  2. The temporary permit is valid under a 6 month period and may not be reissued. Permits are not issued on a walk-in basis. All correspondence will be mailed to the address on the application. If a change in address occurs, it is the applicant's responsibility to notify the Board office.3. Once issued, temporary permit status may be verified by accessing the ASBN Registry search on the website at www.arsbn.org. ASBN does not mail out a paper temporary permit.

Endorsement Licensure Information

  1. Once a license is issued, licensure status may be verified by accessing the ASBN Registry search on the website at www.arsbn.org. ASBN does not mail out a paper license.2. A one-time blue plastic license card will be mailed to you in approximately two months, this card is not considered primary source verification of licensure.

Renewal Information

  1. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing renews licenses on a staggered biennial birthdate system. The first license may be valid from 91 days to two years depending upon one's birth date.
  2. A late fee is assessed if the license is not renewed before the expiration date.3. Persons practicing nursing with an expired or lapsed license shall be considered an illegal practitioner and shall be subject to penalties for violation of the Nurse Practice Act.

Inactive Licenses Information

  1. Persons who decide to retire from nursing or move to another state may place their licenses on an inactive status by submitting an Inactive Request Form  to the ASBN office.
  2. If a person decides to re-enter nursing practice in Arkansas, he or she must submit a renewal application, along with a reinstatement fee and a renewal fee.


For detailed information about licensure fee click here to view the Nurse Practice Act, Subchapter 3, Licensing.

Endorsement Application - https://www.ark.org/bon/licensure/index.php

Check the Status of Application - https://www.ark.org/bon/licensure/status.php 
(check the status of any application submitted via the online application system)

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