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The full statutory citations for disciplinary actions can be found under Nurse Practice Act, Subchapter 3, §17-87-309. Frequent violations are ACA §17-87-309 (a) (1) “Is guilty of fraud or deceit in procuring or attempting to procure a license to practice nursing or engaged in the practice of nursing without a valid license;” (a) (2) “Is guilty of a crime or gross immorality;” (a) (4) “Is habitually intemperate or is addicted to the use of habit forming drugs;” (a)(6) “Is guilty of unprofessional conduct;” and (a) (9) “Has willfully or repeatedly violated any of the provisions of this chapter.” Other orders by the Board include civil penalties (CP), specific education courses (ED), and research papers (RP). Probation periods vary and may include an impaired-nurse contract with an employer and/or drug monitoring and treatment programs. Each individual nurse is responsible for reporting any actual or suspected violations of the Nurse Practice Act. To submit a report or to receive additional information, contact the Nursing Practice Section at 501.686.2700 or Arkansas State Board of Nursing, 1123 South University, Suite 800, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204.

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