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Disciplinary Actions

January 2007 thru February 2018

The nurses listed have had disciplinary action taken against their licenses. When a nurse's license to practice nursing is revoked or suspended, return of the license to the Board Office is requested; however, licenses may not be returned. Also, individuals placed on probation must continue to meet conditions for the retention, or future reinstatement, of their licenses. When hiring such an individual the Board office should be contacted. Therefore, we suggest this list be routinely shared with the appropriate supervisory personnel and recruiters in your agency.

At the completion of the disciplinary period, the nurse applies for reinstatement. Reinstatement is contingent upon meeting the conditions set forth by the Board.

In accordance with the Arkansas Nurse Practice Act and the Arkansas Administrative Procedure Act, the Arkansas State Board of Nursing took the following action after individual hearings:

The format for reporting disciplinary actions includes the statutory citation of the violation. Grounds for Disciplinary Action ACA § 17-87-309.


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