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Continuing Education - Competency Definitions

Academic Course: A minimum of one (1) academic credit hour in nursing or related field.

Active Status: Active license in good standing in Arkansas or any other recognized jurisdiction.

Competency: The application of knowledge and the interpersonal, decision-making and psychomotor skills expected for the practice role, within the context of public health, safety and welfare.

Contact Hour: Either a 50 or 60 minute clock hour of continuing education.

Continuing Education: An educational activity completed beyond the basic education.

Continuing Education Approval Body: A recognized authorizing body, approval or provider, responsible for offering quality continuing nursing education.  This definition includes those non-nursing organizations whose continuing education offerings are relevant to nursing practice roles.
Disciplinary Action: See ACA §17-87-309

Employer Competency Orientation Program: An orientation program developed by a healthcare facility designed to assure competency of the nurse to practice safely within the employer’s job description and the scope of  nursing defined by the ASBN.

Initial Licensure: The point at which a licensee is first granted the authority to practice nursing in the State of Arkansas either by examination or endorsement.

Inactive: A  status of licensure which signifies that the individual has voluntarily chosen not to practice nursing or as a result of Board action.

Non-Compliance: Failure to fulfill the continued competency requirements.

Practice Focused: Academic study or continuing education targeted to meet the needs of the nurse in his/her nursing practice role, ie., administrator, educator, clinical practice, case manager, school nurse, etc.

Random Audit: A sample of applications or documents randomly selected for compliance review.

Refresher Course: See ASBN Rules & Regulations, Chapter Two.

Related Field: Non-nursing discipline that enlarges or enhances the knowledge, skills and competencies of the nurses practice role.

Recommended by Continued Competency Task Force: August 1, 2001
Approved by Arkansas State Board of Nursing August 1, 2001

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