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The license renewal process and CE requirements have not changed and at this time the use of CE Broker is not mandatory. However, we encourage our licensees to take advantage of the benefits available through a free Basic Account.

CE Broker is an electronic tracking system for continuing education (CE) that will allow you to have access to a 100 percent free Basic Account. This account provides an easy way to track your completed CE online and simplifies the process of maintaining your CE records and completion certificates.                                                                                        Register for CE Broker - https://www.cebroker.com/

CE Broker helps nursing professionals in Arkansas track your CE progress. This easy electronic workflow streamlines the ability for you to track your CE history and maintain your documentation or professional portfolio for personal, academic, employment or license renewal purposes.

With CE Broker, licensees and some education providers will be able to electronically enter CE course completion certificates through the tracking system. The information is maintained within CE Brokers centralized database. This simplifies the process of tracking your continuing education with easy reporting, digital storage for your certificates, and a credit counting CE compliance transcript all in one online portal.

Key features of the CE Broker free Basic Account include:

  • Free Online CE Tracking - CE Broker provides free online electronic CE tracking. This simplifies the process of maintaining your CE records and completion certificates. It is all digitally stored, you can view your basic course history, which will include the course name, educational provider name, date of completion and hours reported. Additionally, you can self-report any other CE contact hours.  Note: You must determine whether the course(s) that have been reported will complete all of your specific CE requirements for renewal licensure.
  • Course SearchCE Broker’s Course Search provides you a list of courses for the nursing profession. When you find CE in the Course Search, it may satisfy the requirements set by the Arkansas Board of Nursing (ASBN).  The course search is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, nor are any of the vendors listed endorsed or necessarily approved by the ASBN. Depending upon the organization that approved the courses, the ASBN may or may not accept such course for continuing education credit for the purpose of licensure renewal.  Refer to the list of  Accrediting Organizations/Approved Approval Bodies to determine if the provider's educational activity is accepted by ASBN.   Note: You will need to be sure that the CE contact hours are practice focused relevant to your specific area of practice. Refer to the “Will this CE activity count for license renewal?” article to determine if the continuing education contact hour activity meets requirements. (Link to Will this CE activity count for license renewal?)
  • Automatic CE Reporting  - CE Broker allows providers to report CE completions on your behalf. This simplifies the tracking of your CE completion certificates. If the education provider reports automatically to CE Broker, you won’t need to self-report your contact hours to CE Broker.
  • Mobile Phone AppsCE Broker free iPhone and Android apps that licensees use to see their requirements, check their CE Compliance status, and report continuing education hours. You will you quickly and easily be able to review your progress towards the completion of your CE requirements for state license renewal.
  •  Support Center AccessAccess to CE Broker’s Support Center highly-trained staff, accurately named CE Experts. The Experts are available via phone, email and live chat Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., to answer all your CE-related questions. Access to the support center page includes video walk-throughs, system usage blogs, FAQs, CE information and more.

How do I register with CE Broker?

Go to CE Broker (https://www.cebroker.com/and click “account options.” Select “Arkansas” and register for the account of your choosing. You can register for a free Basic account with just your license. The Basic Account will let you report, see your current compliance status, and search for courses. You may opt to use CE Broker’s paid service, but it is not required.

Once you have created your account and logged into the system, click “Report CE” and find the option that best applies. You will need to answer a few questions and then attach the documentation that the Board requires. If you are using your mobile app, you can take a picture of your documentation and upload it via your phone or tablet.

Don’t wait until the last minute to claim your account. If you have questions call the CE Broker Support Center  M-F, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Eastern time at 1-877-434-6323.

Remember, do not forward your CE documentation to the ASBN. Documentation should be sent to CE Broker. If you have registered for your account with CE Broker, the Board will review your records in CE Broker electronically when conducting renewal audits.

Additional CE Broker Options

There are other account options available through CE Broker, such as Professional and Concierge Accounts. These are paid accounts, but are priced reasonably to give all licensees access to them.

With a Professional Account, in addition to other features, CE Broker builds a personal Compliance Transcript, which automatically calculates what specific requirements you have left to complete.

A Concierge Account comes with a dedicated Account Manager who will retrieve completion certificates, report hours on your behalf, and ensure you are ready for renewal on time.

Register for CE Broker - https://launchpad.cebroker.com

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