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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Initial Licensure Application and Instructions

Information & Application for Initial APRN Licensure


If you are applying for an Arkansas APRN license and you DO NOT already hold APRN licensure in another state(s), after reading this information, select the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Complete and submit the online licensure application and criminal background check (CBC), along with associated fees. There is a nominal fee for online processing that will be included in the final total.  Payment of associated fees may be made by credit card or E-check and are paid within the online process prior to submission of the application.


State and federal background checks are required to complete your application if you do not already have them on file with ASBN within the last 12 months of this application. Background checks from other agencies will not be accepted.

The instructions for completion of the online application and criminal background check are located within the application.  The federal criminal background check requires completion of a fingerprint card and submission of the card to the Arkansas State Police.  You must use the fingerprint card provided by the ASBN.  You will be able to request a fingerprint card within the online application process for you to complete and submit to the Arkansas State Police Department.  You must complete the fingerprint card according to instructions. To access more detailed instructions for the federal and Arkansas state criminal background check, click here.

Fees associated with conduction of the state and federal criminal background checks are at the applicant's expense and are paid within the online application process.

A valid email address is required.  Upon completion of the application process (that includes the state and federal criminal background checks), you will receive two emails:

  • ASBN Automatic Acknowledgement of Online Application
  • Arkansas GovPay receipt (Payment Summary)

You will need to print a copy of the payment page (Payment Summary) for your records. IMPORTANT:  You will need the INA Search number that is located on the Payment Summary to include on your fingerprint card.  Print the INA Search ID number in the upper right hand corner of the fingerprint card in the box marked "FBI Leave Blank."

The completed fingerprint card, with INA Search ID written on the card, should be mailed to the following address:        

Arkansas Sate Police Criminal Background Check
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR  72209

  • If you have ever been conviced of a misdemeanor or felony, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any charge in any state or jurisdiction (even if your conviction was sealed or expunged), select "Yes" to this question during the application process and submit a certified copy of the court order, judgment and proof of restitution completion.  DWIs, public intoxication and similar offenses must be reported (minor traffic violations do not constitute a crime).
  • If you respond "Yes" to any of the five questions on the application or if you have a positive criminal background check, you will not receive a temporary permit or full license until you have been cleared by the ASBN staff or full Board.  You must submit a letter of explanation and a certifed copy (no faxed copies) of all pertinent records (court, military, treatment, etc.) to the ASBN.  Print the cover sheet located within the online system.  Attach it to the documents you submit or have submitted on your behalf to ASBN.  The cover sheet with attached documents should be sent to the following address:

Arkansas State Board of Nursing
Attn:  APRN Department
1123 S. University, Suite 800
Little Rock, AR  72204


Contact the university/college where you completed your APRN program and have them send an official transcript to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN), attention to the APRN Department.


Have your certification agency submit verification that you passed the certification exam. Verification information should be mailed directly to the ASBN address above or emailed to Ellen Harwell, Licensing Coordinator, at eharwell@arsbn.org 


RN Licensure Verification

  • If you hold current RN licensure in Arkansas, skip this section.
  • If you hold RN licensure in a state that is NOT a compact state (does not participate in the Compact State Agreement), you must also apply for an Arkansas RN license. To be licensed as an APRN in Arkansas, you must hold both RN (Arkansas or compact state) and APRN licenses.  To apply for an Arkansas RN license, go to www.arsbn.org/ Forms tab/Endorsement Application link.
  • If you hold RN licensure in a compact state (other than Arkansas), you must submit verification of your RN licensure by logging on to the NURSYS website,https://www.nursys.com/, to submit a verification request.


  • If you would like a temporary permit, select this during the application process.  There is an additional nonrefundable fee.  In order to be eligible for a temporary permit, you must have your APRN program submit an official transcript showing your degree and APRN role/specialty, a clear federal and Arkansas state criminal background check result (no violations of ACA 17-87-312), and verification of your eligibility to sit for your respective certification exam.
  • The temporary permit is valid up to six months, is nonrenewable, and does not apply to prescriptive authority.
  • The temporary permit becomes invalid upon if the applicant fails their respective certification exam.  Upon receipt of the verification of certification, the temporary permit will be voided and the full APRN license will be issued.
  • To access that a temporary permit or full license has been issued, logon to the ASBN website and follow the links:  www.arsbn.org/ Licensing tab/Verification Information & Registry Search link/ ASBN Registry Search link/ type in name and search. To view all licensure information, select your name.


After issuance of an Arkansas APRN license, you may apply online for Prescriptive Authority, which includes a fee, Eligibility guidelines are located at:  www.arsbn.org/Laws & Rules tab/Rules link/Chapter 4 link/Section VIII Prescriptive Authority or by selecting this link - Chapter 4 - Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

  • You do not automatically receive Prescriptive Authority with the issuance of your APRN license.  The application process for Prescriptive Authority must be completed.
  • The Prescriptive Authority application is found on the ASBN website:  www.arsbn.org/ Adv. Practice tab/Prescriptive Authority Application - Initial
  • IN ADDITION TO THE ONLINE APPLICATION, you are required to submit two items:
  1. Collaborative Practice Agreement
  2. Quality Assurance (QA) Plan

These documents shouild be submitted by mailing a copy to the ASBN, 1123 S. University Ave., #800, Little Rock, AR  72204, Attention:  APRN  Dept., or faxing to 501.686.2714, Attention:  APRN Dept.  Both documents must be signed by the APRN and the collaborating physician(s).  You are welcome to use the examples provided on our website (under the Adv. Practice tab).  Feel free to make changes to accommodate the agreement between you and your collaborating physician.  However, there is required criteria that must be included in the Collaborative Practice Agreement and Quality Assurance Plan located under the Adv. Practice tab, "Quality Assurance Guidelines for APRNs."

Prescribing protocols:  APRNs with Prescriptive Authority must have prescriptive protocols (indications for and classifications of legend and controlled substances medications).  Do not submit protocols to the ASBN unless requested.  Examples and more information is located on the ASBN website under the Adv. Practice tab or by selecting the following link - Prescriptive Protocol Guidelines for APRNs


After receiving full APRN licensure and a Prescriptive Authority Certificate number (PAC #), if you plan to prescribe Schedules III - V controlled substances, you must apply for a DEA #.  Directions for applying for a DEA # are provided on our website under the Adv. Practice tab, DEA registration link.  Submit a copy of your DEA # card to the ASBN after you receive it.


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